Hygiene Measures That A Guest Must Follow in Resorts

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Hotels and resorts are the places that people visit during the weekends and holidays to relax and enjoy leisure time. Most of the resorts near Kolkata strive to provide the best services to the guests. However, it is also the responsibility of the guests to keep the resort premises clean. Sanitization is a basic necessity for every guest and must be chosen with care, along with greenery and spacious lawns. The ambience and the resort must be kept clean and maintained. Here are a few points the guests should follow to keep the premises of the resort clean and sanitised.

What are The Things that Guests should Maintain while Staying in a Resort?

Cleanliness of Resort

The entire premises must be cleaned at least twice daily to ensure that the resort remains clean and organised. Also, it is the responsibility of the guest to adhere to the cleanliness guidelines. They

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should throw the garbage into the dust bins and leave the premises in a more organised manner. They should use sanitisers and ask the authorities to use disinfectant sprays to keep the resort updated and clean.

Food Eating Etiquettes

As a responsible guest, you must adhere to food-eating etiquette while staying in a resort. Ask the resort personnel to serve you with trays, plates, spoons and tissues. This will help you to keep the place clean and eat without littering. If you have washes, hand towels, or tissue rolls that have been exhausted, make sure you inform the room service officials. They will refill the items and help you with proper care.

Room Cleaning Service

Availability of room cleaning service is essential. This will help you to keep the room clean. Ask the room service personnel to clean the room, change the bed sheets and refill the room with new amenities. It would be best if you also asked the room service personnel to get the washroom cleaned as soon as possible so that the washroom doesn’t stink in the long run.

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