Know the Major Facilities And Services Available in 3 Star Resort

3 Star Resort

If you are planning to spend your holiday in a 3-star resort, you can expect above-average quality Services from the same. Providing comfortable service and memorable experiences is the major priority of these hotels. You will find good quality amenities, polite behaviour, spacious rooms and aesthetically attractive premises in our resort.

The majority of the 3-star resorts in Kolaghat offer multiple rooms with variable room services. Here you will find couches, almirahs, heaters, TV sets, dressing tables and luxury bathing options. To know more about the facilities available in a 3-star resort, read on.

Three major facilities available in a 3-star resort for a luxury staying experience

General facilities

Every 3-star resort is full-time in Operation seven days a week every season. Moreover, the general facilities include a full-services lawn, a banquet hall for all purpose, a corporate conference room, 24-hour electricity service, fully equipped kitchen, fine dining and reception areas and completely sanitised public areas. In most 3-star resorts, you will find a swimming pool for the guests that can help enhance the staying experience. You will also experience high-quality room and cleaning services from the staff. In case if you are staying in our luxury room, then facilities like a 24/7 hot water, electric kettle, free Wi-Fi, package drinking water per guest with glass, telephone with direct dialing an intercom is available.

Bathroom facilities

In a 3-star resort, you will have the facility of a minimum size bathroom along with a bath towel, a hand towel, and a bath mat provided with the same. To maintain the decorum, every new guest is provided with a new set of toiletries.

Food and beverage facilities

Every 3-star resort has an on-site restaurant facility where all cuisines are served. Moreover, the guests are given the option to book complimentary buffet breakfasts. Undoubtedly the option of bed and breakfast is highly attractive for every guest who is out for a holiday. You can also get facilities like a small refrigerator in suite and executive rooms. Within the room, mineral drinking water is available 24/7, high-quality food and a completely sanitised kitchen and dining premises are also available. Separate fine dining areas are also present in these hotels. Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets are available for all guests.

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