The Best Luxury Resort to Chill with Your Family This Summer

Luxury Resort

We have blended relaxation and adventure in our superb luxury retreat. Our resort is the perfect retreat for eating mouth-watering cuisines and indulging in entertaining activities. As one of the top resorts near Kolkata, here we have attempted to convince you why our resort is the best summer retreat in Kolkata.

What makes our resort the perfect retreat for peace this summer?

Our luxury resort is situated on the bank of the river Rupnarayan. Hence, even during the scorching heat of the summer, you will get to enjoy relatively comfortable weather. The view is robust all around. There is a sense of monsoon hanging in the air all throughout the year. But, there is more than the enticing nature that is in store for you in Rupasi Rupnarayan Kuthi. Here, we have highlighted some of the features that have made our resort the perfect blend of elegance and modern amenities.

Rooms that are the pinnacle of comfort

The rooms and the suites of our resort are the pinnacle of comfort. They are windy, airy, air-conditioned. They provide you with wonderful glimpses of the natural beauty as well. Moreover, our rooms come in versatile sizes and shapes, including deluxe, super deluxe king, executive room, suite, duplex cottage, guest dormitory, executive room and much more. Each of these specific types of room comes with their own perks and features. So according to your accommodation requirements and amenities, you can choose what suits you best.

Entertainments unbound

We want you to relish the scenery, revel in comforts and forget all your stress. This is why we have every bit of entertainment in place to keep you thrilled. We have games lined up for your family and children; we have a big and wide swimming pool and last but not the least, we have a ballroom. So, here your summer could be well spent, among all the luxuries and entertainment.

The view of nature

Moreover, staying in our resort will provide you with an unperturbed and unadulterated view of nature. This includes a wide view of the river and the surrounding area. The summer afternoons here are beautiful and serene. You can while away your time, take a riverside walk and soak in all the beauty of the graces of nature.


Last but not the least, is our gourmet delights. We have some of the best chefs from all over the hospitality industry. And, they are here to offer you some of the delicious and mouthwatering summer special dishes. And it goes without saying that our proximity to the river ensures our speciality in wonderful culinary recipes with fish.

All in all, if you are looking for a place to get away from the scorching summer heat of the city, Rupasi Rupnarayan Kuthi could be your one-stop destination. As one of the top resorts in Kolkata, we are committed to giving you a serene and entertaining gateway.