What amenities should a family-friendly hotel have for kids?

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Hotels that cater to families may be able to keep the kids happy and occupied, allowing you to spend more time together enjoying your holiday rather than fighting boredom. The following pointers will provide you with some direction on how to choose and evaluate family hotels near Kolkata.

When travelling with children, a room with plenty of space is essential.

Examine the images to ensure there is enough area for all the beds and, ideally, a changing station and an appropriate washroom.

Not every hotel accepts guests to bring their bedding, and some charge extra for cots. Read the fine print, never assume installing a cot is free, and ensure you’ve received it in writing because this price varies but can be shockingly high and add up quickly.

Even though you enjoy dining out when travelling with children, a hotel with a restaurant on the premises is fantastic.

Stress can be significantly reduced by having the option to go downstairs and eat without having to leave the house again and navigate strange cities after dark, especially if you are alone with the kids.

We learned while travelling how fantastic a pool is for children. 

One day, when the kids have become excessively worn out to go exploring, you can stay at the hotel and swim in the pool.

It is a fantastic, stress-free way to spend the day, and the next day they will be prepared to travel once more.

It is easier when you carry the things that will be needed. However, it is convenient when hotels offer at least some baby supplies. 

Cots, bottle warmers, microwaves, and plastic cutlery are all basic amenities that small children enjoy and that, if offered by the hotel, make packing much simpler.

Before having kids, you might never have utilised the laundry facilities in hotels, but it can be essential when travelling with kids.

They work great for packing a clean bag and saving you from having to do laundry at home, whether you use them during your trip or right before you leave. You can pack much lighter if you wash as you go, and spillages are far more difficult to handle if left neglected for days.

You will always prefer to stay in hotels that have people on duty around the clock because you would like to know that if something goes wrong, you can contact them anytime. A maintained desk during the night is frequently sufficient, however, a service like a concierge is desirable but typically more expensive.

A family hotel’s unique selling point is its kid’s club, but be sure to carefully review the rules before using it!

Check the opening times, seasonality, minimum age requirements for children, and other details twice before relying on them. This is because demand variations frequently affect availability and prices. 

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