What are Benefits of Booking Best Riverside Resorts in Kolkata?

Best Riverside Resorts near Kolkata

Riverside resorts are generally the first choice for people thinking of spending a blissful holiday with their families. Best riverside resorts near Kolkata offer some of the best amenities, which makes them equivalent to 5-star resorts. Thus, a riverside resort is suitable for people of all ages. If you want to spend a memorable weekend at the river banks with your family, opt for a riverside resort. However, before you book the same, you must know about the facilities you might get by staying in a riverside resort near Kolkata.

Book the best riverside resort to savour a relaxing holiday with your loved ones. Read on to know more about the benefits of booking the same. You’ll experience delightful gardens, terraces, and pools in almost all riverside resorts.

Facilities Available in Riverside Resorts

Waterside Pool

Most riverside resorts generally have waterside pools, and if you’re lucky enough, you might also get plunge pools within the resorts. You can also plunge into the pool and enjoy the summer afternoons along with the river views. However, the outdoor pools have certain regulations which vary according to the regulations of the resorts.

River Facing Rooms

The major advantage of booking a riverside resort is the availability of river-facing rooms. Their range of super deluxe and deluxe rooms are generally all river facing. Hence, you can expect a balcony with an astonishingly beautiful view of the river beside the resort. If you’re planning a weekend trip, a mere view of the river banks through the balcony is enough to refresh your damp mood.

Riverside Golf Ridge

You might also get the facility of riverside golf ridge in case the area coverage of the riverside resort is bigger. You can enjoy an entertaining evening playing golf on the lush green ridges while the smooth flow of breeze wipes away all your sweat and tiredness.

Playground Area

Kids must also be entertained while you’re out on holiday. Most of the resorts thus plan for a river-facing playground within the premises. This helps to keep the kids engaged for long hours. The resorts also arrange picnic tables where you can easily arrange a get-together with a few other kids.

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