Your Ultimate Guide for an Eco Friendly Stay at a Resort in Kolaghat

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No matter how much free time you have, you can make it worthwhile with a short trip. If you are searching for locations in and around Kolkata, you can go to riverside like Kolaghat. It is a popular eco-tourism hub where you can stay at a resort by the Rupnarayan River.

Indulge in Eco-Friendly Tourism:

However, when you plan to stay at an ecological hub like Kolaghat, you must remain extra cautious about nature. You should refrain from using certain things that may pollute the river as well as the environment. The hotels and resorts in Kolaghat may also have some norms that every tourist is expected to follow.

Useful Tips for an Eco-Friendly Trip to Kolaghat:

Here are some tips for experiencing an eco-friendly stay at a riverside hotel. You can follow these to reduce ecological imbalance, making the earth a better place.

Use Recyclable Bags: Reuse, reduce and recycle is the current motto of saving the earth. It holds true in the case of tourism too. During a trip, we use several non-recyclable items like plastic bags, bottles and other stationeries. To reduce plastic-generated waste, we should switch to eco-friendly alternatives like cloth and jute bags.

Share the Ride: If you are coming to the resort to have a good time with your friends, save them from the duty of driving. Contribute to nature’s cause by sharing the ride. Not only will your ride be more enjoyable, but it also will reduce pollution.

These are some useful tips that can guarantee you an eco-friendly trip to a riverside resort. If you want to spend your leisurely time by a natural backdrop, come to Rupasi Rupnarayan Kuthi. We are one of the best riverside hotels and resorts in Kolaghat. Here, you can find everything: a pleasant stay and delicious food that satisfies your stomach and heart. For bookings, you can contact us today.