Tips to Find the Best Riverside Resort in Budget Prices

Riverside Resort

You love to enjoy a relaxing vacation at the riverside with friends and family. The river is an excellent to spend quality time with the loved ones, soak in the sunrays and ambient weather. Now imagine getting riverside resorts at the best price deals. You can indulge in a luxurious stay with lip-smacking food and Instagram worthy pictures. The best riverside resort near Kolkata offers you an amazing venue for a comfortable stay. While finding a suitable one can feel like a tough endeavor, you can do it with prior planning. In this blog, we will discuss ways to help you find riverside resorts on a budget.

Know How to Find Riverside Resorts in Budget Prices


There are many hotels and resort booking sites to register with your name and personal email id. These sites immediately notify you whenever a particular hotel offers a discount. Some have a system of reward points which you have to collect. Once you collect enough, the discount offers increase. You can book the hotel of your choice and unsubscribe from the mail afterwards.

Search online

To book the best riverside resort, you should go through online research. There are different sites and resort options available that you can check. As the consumer, you should be smart with your choices. You should check the hotel ratings, go through the refund policies, their amenities, and more. You can try looking at new online sites too for better offers. To be on the safe side, books the rooms on a prior date. Do not forget to call the hotel and confirm the bookings.

Book in Advance

When you plan a vacation, you should ensure to book the hotel in advance. Here, you can get a significant advantage which is the cancellation policy. While most hotels charge a few extra money to cancel the bookings, good resorts do not do the same. They understand that clients must have made last-minute changes due to emergencies. It is a trend followed by other booking agencies too. Booking in advance is advantageous so you can get price discounts.

First-time discount 

Most online hotel websites offer first-time discounts to first-time customers. This is a great offer to avail. You can utilize this while searching for the various booking apps. Some resorts also offer free first-day stay at their facility with all other features for suitable accommodation.

Sharing a Room

If none of the above options work, you can consider sharing the hotel room with other customers. If you do not mind sharing the bed with another tourist, this option is good to go. This way, the cost comes down to 1/4th of the actual room cost. The option is beneficial for families or when you travel in groups. However, you must ensure to check with the riverside resort to see if there is such an arrangement that you can avail.

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